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Our Forte

At Neurog, we make your daring new ideas a reality by developing cutting-edge solutions that draw on valuable knowledge in the fields of ML and AI.

Interdisciplinary Research

Explore the diverse skill set of Neurog experts in the field of AI and machine learning to integrate different disciplines whose solutions are beyond the scope to draw insights.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

With the widespread emphasis on self-learning systems, we have the competence to provide smart agent/s-based state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning solutions for your challenges.

Natural Language Processing

With NLP (Natural Language Processing), you can easily analyze text and derive important information from it. We at Neurog assist you in developing ideal AI-based NLP applications by utilizing up to date tools and technologies.

Visual Features Engineering

Feature engineering allows you to have a better grasp of your data and gain more important insights. Applying this to your problems in the computer vision domain will lead to models having unparalleled performance.

Predictive Analytics

Analyze data and build analytics models to predict future outcomes. Neurog uncovers risks and opportunities for your business and ideas to reduce risks and make predictions about future outcomes using historical data combined with statistical modeling.

Mathematical Modelling

The buzz surrounding ML makes it easy to overlook more tried and proven mathematical modeling approaches, but it doesn't make them any less important. At Neurog, we understand such methodologies by developing successful solutions that combine mathematical optimizations with ML and AI approaches.

We are Awesome

Our team makes us stand out! At Neurog, we blend everyone’s perspectives, experiences, and knowledge to make the most of our capabilities.

Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & Chief Scientist


Sr. ML Engineer


Sr. NLP Engineer


Research Scientist


Research Scientist


Technical Writer


Summer Intern


Our Collaborators

Our Vision

In the growing age of Artificial Intelligence, we aim to become leading problem solvers in the domain to provide you scalable solutions along with our ability to analyze, evaluate, and constantly improve with the evolution of novel solutions.

A heritage of innovation that redefines the boundaries, redraws the perimeters of the feasible and opens our mind to new horizons and new possible future scenarios. We aim to achieve the best with the scope to troubleshoot old problems with new methodologies, to enhance sustainable living in a better world, and to facilitate people’s dream catching. That’s the reason why exploring the overwhelming opportunities of technology is what feeds the passion for our work every day.


From Our Blogs

From highly technical topics to current AI and ML trends that are shaping the opportunities of tomorrow along with breaking down the barriers by providing new ways of looking at existing problems, our blogs will cover you in every aspect.

“The delivered work on this hypotheses ranking job was excellent and the team was very cooperative. They communicated very well and completed the job in no time. Highly recommended.”

Rosni Kottekulam

University of Zurich

"AJ did some great work researching and writing for our company's machine learning Twitter account!"

Heather Hambley

Unbox Research

"Abdul and his team are great. We look forward to. more projects and continuing to work with him. thank you."

Rockford Hunt

Verbal Victory

"Great communication, great initiative and very resourceful. Adbul is great at what he does and is really great at advising even outside of his scope of work. He's very knowledgeable in the ML space and very professional in delivering on projects/milestones! I highly recommend working with Abdul and his team"

Tebogo Mokwena

Akiba Digital

"All work that we agreed on was delivered on schedule and with very good communication. Our study was about Computer Vision field in many aspects that could be important for a shop monitoring solutions based on that thechnologies. Project was to delivered partial of the work on weekly schedules, which were very strict. I received quality results with no delays. I would recommend Neurog to any simmilar work"

Hubert Woo

Sportmetrics sp. z.o.o.

"The screening for our task was completed promptly, despite constraints."

Sophie Johnson

Allen Institute for AI

"Dr. Syed Jalil is an exception individual with extensive knowledge in the field of Reinforcement Learning. He quickly understood the complexities of our project and provided a very professional deliverable. I would highly recommend him for any machine learning projects requiring the most technically talented individuals."

Dr. Kristian Haehndel

Digital Quantitative Research