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At Neurog, we bring your audacious ideas to life through cutting-edge solutions rooted in ML and AI expertise, turning imagination into innovation.

Interdisciplinary Research

Explore the diverse skill set of Neurog experts in the field of AI and machine learning to integrate different disciplines whose solutions are beyond the scope to draw insights.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

With the widespread emphasis on self-learning systems, we have the competence to provide smart agent/s-based state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning solutions for your challenges.

Natural Language Processing

With NLP (Natural Language Processing), you can easily analyze text and derive important information from it. We at Neurog assist you in developing ideal AI-based NLP applications by utilizing up to date tools and technologies.

Visual Features Engineering

With Visual Feature Engineering, we unlock the essence of images, illuminating their untold tales. At Neurog, we craft groundbreaking AI-driven applications that unravel the untold stories within images, all while embracing the latest tools and techniques.

Predictive Analytics

A Dynamic Fusion of Data and Machine Learning, Unveiling Future Patterns. At Neurog, we engineer predictive models that show you the way ahead, employing state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Mathematical Modelling

At Neurog, our experts sculpt mathematical models to bring clarity to complexity, guiding your decisions through the intricate dance of modern mathematical tools and techniques.

Neurog Quantitative Solutions

Elevate Your Quantitative Strategies

Algorithmic trading

Harness cutting-edge algorithms to execute trades with precision and speed. Our advanced systems are designed to capitalize on market efficiencies and deliver superior results.

Statistical arbitrage

Explore market patterns and price differentials with our statistical arbitrage strategies. We apply quantitative methods to identify and leverage temporary pricing inefficiencies.

Fast execution

Gain a competitive edge with our rapid trade execution services. Minimize slippage and ensure your trades are made at the best possible prices, as quickly as possible.

Portfolio optimization

Optimize your investment portfolio with our tailored solutions. We use sophisticated models to maximize returns while controlling for risk, according to your specified constraints.

In our Models Zoo, explore diverse predictive models tailored by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with years of domain expertise and hands-on experience

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Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

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Research scientist

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At Neurog, immerse yourself in our vibrant company culture—a fusion of creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the way in the age of Artificial Intelligence, fostering innovation through cutting-edge research and modern solutions. With a focus on a sustainable future that benefits everyone, our passion for exploring technology’s endless opportunities drives us every day!


Our Mission

To build a world where AI is used to solve the world’s most pressing problems and help people live better lives!

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May 23, 2024

Web development is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies emerging to improve performance, security, and user experience. Progressive Web Apps, serverless architecture, and Jamstack are at the forefront of this evolution.. 

May 21, 2024

The ability to identify, comprehend, and control our own emotions and those of others is known as emotional intelligence (EI). A great work atmosphere, solid connections…

Nov 7, 2023

You’re trying to put together a giant puzzle. But this puzzle isn’t just for fun. It’s a huge one with a billion pieces, and it’s named Earth’s weather.

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Our vision is to lead the way in the age of Artificial Intelligence, fostering innovation through cutting-edge research and modern solutions. 

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