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Advanced real-time detection and identification solutions

Neurog’s highly accurate ready-for-scale solutions can be used to build extensive business scenarios to provide a seamless and secure user experience.

Face Detection

Facial Recognition


Face Blur

Face Swap

Face Restoration

Face Detection

This cutting-edge service is the first step in many key applications that enables the fast execution of other real-time solutions.

Face detection accurately finds human faces, locates facial features, gets the contours of facial features, and tracks faces across images and videos in real-time. Our technology gives our clients a competitive advantage in markets that demand a high degree of facial detection accuracy.

Facial Recognition

Our AI-based system seamlessly recognizes one or more faces that are detected in a scene based on a range of attributes. We use highly accurate face recognition algorithms that can even detect changes in facial characteristics such as spectacles, beards, etc. The advanced AI algorithms include:

Facenet Accuracy 99.20%

Arcface Accuracy 99.41%

VGG-Face Accuracy 98.78%


You can significantly improve security and mitigate emerging risks in facial recognition and identity verification with this remarkable service.

It is difficult to fool our highly trained AI models, therefore, this technology plays a vital role in securing face recognition systems from presentation attacks. Accurate matching is useless if the biometrics are fake, that’s why our Anti-spoofing technology ensures that a live person is present at the time of identity proofing or authentication.

Explore Oligio - Neurog’s Smart Attendance System

Our premier attendance system uses facial recognition technology to automatically identify and verify individuals and check liveness as they enter or exit a space. It instantly records attendance and welcomes selected people with their names. It is a high-speed contactless technology that eliminates excessive human interaction. Our technology is so reliable that it recognizes individuals even if they are wearing face masks. It uses a digital camera to capture the image of the face, and an advanced AI processing engine to process the captured digital image and output the results. Depending on the requirements, the processing can take place on a high-end GPU or an embedded device like Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson, etc. We also offer on-premise and cloud processing options.

You can make your premises safer through our system’s ability to provide highly efficient surveillance in real-time.

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Face Blur

A simple yet highly accurate tool to automatically blur out faces and anonymize user identities in images and videos. Our state-of-the-art facial detection and recognition AI models can detect and recognize even the smallest of faces far away in the background. For improved efficiency, you can choose to save your images and videos along with the faces-to-be-recognized by creating an account on our application. Our solution provides four blur options without loosing the original quality of your images and videos:

Face Swap

An unexcelled AI service that can instantly swap faces on your photos, and replace them with other faces of your choice.

Our unmatched deep learning algorithms have shown great promise, they can even detect and replace multiple faces in the same picture at the same time – without reducing the quality of your image.

Face Restoration

With advanced AI algorithms, our system enhances image resolution by sharpening color and improving image quality.

After comparing the initial image to the restored image, our system matches the persons in both images to make sure they look the same, hence providing unbelievable results, in mere seconds.

After comparing the initial image to the restored image, the persons in both images are matched to make sure they look the same, hence providing unbelievable results, in mere seconds.

Age, Gender and Emotion Recognition

Our novel deep-learning models estimate age, emotional expression, and gender from real-time image and video sources. They recognize an individual’s facial expressions and categorize them into the seven recognized universal emotions which are, happiness, surprise, anger, fear, sadness, disgust, and contempt. Emotion analysis is carried out using Neurog’s Face Detection and Recognition technologies which enable our system to examine the sentiments on an individual’s face through sophisticated image dispensation.

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Privacy & Security

Data security is our top priority. We pay attention to the ethics and privacy of people while dealing with data, and ensure that the privacy of individuals is protected at all times.

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